you’ve just narrowed down your travel plans… to Denver.

Quick updates:

I am going to Milwaukee this week, from Thursday to Sunday early AM.

Thursday night: Free to hang out

Friday AM: Work

Friday Evening: Dinner with Family

Saturday Noon: Brunch with Family #2

Saturday Afternoon:

Saturday Night: Traditional Xmas Dinner with Friends

Saturday Night: Bar time!

Sunday AM: Home


Update on the shopping crap: It’s all fixed. It turns out that they refunded Transaction #1, Transaction #2 I kept as the actual xmas present, and Transaction #3 (the duplicate order) was back ordered again, so I was able to cancel the order! As of today, i was able to get my money back on all but the actual order I wanted to place.


I have a few friends that have expressed interest in moving to Denver. After spending a year here, I have come up with this advice:

Ok, let’s take this 1 topic at a time.

1. I highly recommend Denver. I love the people, I love the lack of humidity, I love that it’s a mountain town without being effing freezing.

2. Denver is a 45 minute drive from the foot hills. Most people assume that Denver is this town on the side of a slope; it’s not. If anything, we are in a flat valley before the mountains. Boulder is more of the mountain area, but you won’t fine any jobs there unless you start selling medical ganja.

3. Weed is legal here, with prescription.

4. Milwaukee is a dying city. Not as a whole, but I think in the way of adult social situations. I don’t have fun anymore when I am there, unless I get tipsy, and that’s always fun because you don’t have full perception of how little there is to do.

5. There are great school systems here.

On to the real topics:

—  If you need a job right away, the airlines are always hiring. They start out at a low wage (10-13$), but you get hella good travel benefits, and flexible work hours, and the ability to advance is always there.

—  Lack of a degree will hinder your progress here, a bit. The job market is still about 14% unemployment rate here; Call centers and such are, of course, always hiring.

—  Living situations: Denver is much like Milwaukee. There is the a definite price-to-area-to-quality ratio. I recommend staying east of Denver Proper.. Going west is no benefit (long commute, traffic and weather issues)

Based on a two bedroom, 900+ Sq Ft apartment, or single family home.

Downtown Denver = Jackson/Juneau (condos) = 1400$+ monthly

Denver Proper = Astor Hotel style = 1000$+

Denver Outer = Brookfield, Franklin, etc. = 900$+

Highland Park = Stallis = 700$+

Aurora = Tosa (the good and bad parts) = 700$+

Commerce City/Reunion= RiverWest without the crime = 700$+

Tower Triangle = Layton and Howard = 800$+

Arvada = West Milwaukee = 600$+

Green Valley Ranch = Franklin/New Berlin (new homes) = 600$+ apt / 900$+ houses

MontClair = Little Mexico/35th and Lincoln = 500$+

Montbello = “montGhetto” = 51st and Lisbon = 450$+

Colfax Ave = North Ave. = Good, then bad, then good, then bad.

We live in Green Valley Ranch, and that’s around Aurora, Commerce City. Those are the three we looked at because of the distance to the airport, where Tony works.

11. Perception: One thing you need to understand is that the communities here are not interconnected. In Milwaukee, you can get to any two ‘communities’ within a 15 minute drive. In Milwaukee, you could have one foot in Stallis AND the other in Tosa, you know? Here, you need to take a free way or a 3 mile road to get from one area to another. Nothing is edge to edge. It took me a while to realize that, here, people make nothing of driving 40 minutes to work each day. They see nothing wrong with having a 15 minute drive to the FREEWAY ENTRANCE.

I joke with everyone here about how milwaukee is a wagon wheel, and I can get to any point in 15 mins or less (unless a brewer game). And it’s true, if you think about it.

43, 94, 45, 894 circle the city, and then with Forrest Home, Beloit, North, Fond Du Lac Ave, 27th, 76th and 100, it is totally accessible.

Denver only has a circle around (i25, i70, 225, and 270), and a cross hair of Colfax E/W, and Quebec N/S. Everything else kinda connects oddly. It’s a bit to get used to. They recently got e470, but it’s a toll road (6$).

I know it’s a lot, but pull it up on google maps to get the idea.

Hope that helps., : )

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