BillieLog – New Year Resolutions – Addendum

I’ve decided to add a few resolutions to my list. I realized that most people add items to their list that show how much they want to ‘stop’ doing things, or ‘sacrifice’. I want to add some items that illustrate what I will do to ‘encourage’ me a bit as well.



We all make them, and sadly, rarely follow them. I’m gonna try. These should be realistic goals, actually.

  • Limit my drinking to specific events.
    • No more drinking at the bar, just because I am there.
    • Drinking at a dinner party, socially.
    • No drinking if I plan to drive. At all.
  • Money Savings
    • I have a system in place to automatically transfer money weekly from my personal account to savings.
    • I have a system in place to automatically transfer money weekly from the house account to house savings.
  • No smoking, as per the already established plan.
    • Admittedly, I’ve drank a bit and had some weak moments over the year. That ends now.
  • Work Out!
    • The plan is to find a gym that is on the route home from work.
    • 2-3 days a week minimum. 30 minutes minimum!
  • Temper my temper
    • I’m not a violent man, but I do tend to over-exaggerate on the small stuff.
    • Perhaps talking to a counselor and getting some breathing techniques
    • Attempt not to be so cynical of idiotic circumstances, and realize that we all have our moments.
  • Brush my teeth more often. I’m a regular brusher, but I’d like to step up the game.
  • Shave more often. I don’t grow hair fast, but I think I could stand to trim more often.
  • Switch from Coffee, to Tea. I think it’s a happy compromise, and I’ve found I like Earl Grey. Hot. A lot.
  • Healthy meal choices.
    • When going out, order the smaller portion
    • When going out, order the healthier choice
    • Cooking at home, use less butter and oil
    • More Salads!
    • No cookies, no candy – not really hard for me, if they aren’t in the house.
    • More veggies, less chips.


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