BillieLog – 7/1/13 – Finally!

Holy crap this summer, and year, has been going by fast!

I’ll go down the list on what’s been going on in the life and times of Billie and Tony, hey?

Ok. Where to start.

This year, Tony and I went to Seattle, Detroit, Sandusky, Milwaukee.

In Seattle, we did a lot of sight seeing. Went to Pike’s Market, saw the original Starbucks. Went to Lynnwood, saw my old house where Mom and I lived for that time. It looked REALLY different than I remember it. But really, I guess it’s all about how a 10 year old sees things, right? I mean, realistically, I don’t think it’s changed in 20 years. Everything was smaller, building weren’t as spaced apart as I remember them.. and I had much fonder memories of the time I spent there. Looking at it as an adult, I can see why people pitied our life, why school was a bit rougher than it should have been, and why things were just *that* much harder.
For that reason, I really do have to thank Donna for putting up with a rambunctious teen during those times when it would have been fairly impossible to live within the means that Mom was able to provide.

Detroit was kind of cool to visit, although most of our time wasn’t really spent there, and the time that we did spend in the city was a fight with traffic and annoyances. As it so happens, the time we were there, there was also a rather large baseball game,and a carnival. It made traffic a nightmare, and parking was non-existent. We did get to see the infamous Fox theater, the shore, and several escape routes to Canada, which was very cool.

Sandusky was more for Cedar Point Amusement Park. Now, other than the heat, this was a really fun place to go. Should you decide to go, talk to Tony about getting a groupon-style discount, as well as getting a fast pass. It’s SO worth it. The regular lines for the rides were 2+ hours. tha fast pass lines were 20 minutes.

Milwaukee trip was more for Pride. For those of you on Facebook, you can see all these pics that I’ve posted. If you’re not on FB, here’s a link or two: – Cedar Point – Denver Pride – MKE Pride

I will be headed back to Milwaukee this week for a wedding of one of my oldest Milwaukee friends, Dave and Melissa.
I haven’t figured out the logistics of travel, accommodations, or anything yet, so stayed tuned!

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